• We simplify the marketing process for you so you can do what you do best - the tough job of running your business! Your dollars are hard-earned. Don't waste them on the wrong marketing message, media, or product. Put Freed Marketing to work and simplify your life!

  • Freed Marketing generates dollars for you, the client, instead of costing you money! By eliminating the overhead of personnel, taxes, insurance, office space, IT, etc., as well as negotiating with vendors on your behalf, your fees are recovered!

    Outsourcing with Freed Marketing changes a marketing department from a cost center into a profit center!

  • With more than 30 years of marketing experience we've witnessed all kinds of marketing theories come and go. If there is one thing we've learned over those years it's that there is no "magic bullet".

  • You don’t worry about getting lost if you have a GPS. You are able to determine your location, calculate the distance to your destination and choose the best route to get you there.

    We're kind of like a Marketing GPS. You know where your business is now. You know where you want it to go. We map the best route to get it there.

  • You've made the painful cuts, brainstormed until your mind is mush, and still the "recovery" hasn't reached your bottom line. If you're eager to commit to do what it takes for long-term growth, Freed Marketing is ready too!

Freed Marketing makes your life easier and more profitable. We do the confusing job of marketing for businesses and organizations that don't have a marketing department or want an alternative. Clients who outsource with Freed Marketing can expect:

  • Knowledge and action that boosts your brand and drives profits
  • Phones that ring with interested prospects
  • A clear understanding of competition and your advantages
  • Confidence that jobs and projects will be done
  • A better marketing department equivalent without the cost
We also make your life easier by dealing with media reps and vendors. We can:
  • Eliminate the time-consuming calls you usually have to take from sales reps. We have a pretty good B.S Meter and filter it out.
  • We negotiate prices, rates, deadlines and placement. We get you more bang for your buck!
  • We review vendor invoicing for any overcharges. (This alone has actually saved clients thousands of dollars!)
  • We handle the entire marketing process to make your life easier

Our centerpiece offering is the Marketing GPS System. This program builds a reliable sales and marketing machine. The Marketing GPS System offers the full scope of a marketing department while only paying for a fraction of the cost. Program features include:
  • A fixed, flat monthly fee
  • We don't mark-up on media buys, design work, or sub-contractors and pass along to you any traditional agency discounts
  • A great knowledge of how to get things done - quickly and efficiently
    • You know where you are. You know where you want to go. When you’re ready to get there, give us a call. We can set the directions to your success!

Our Clients Love Us!

I have had the opportunity to work with Ron and his company on various projects for a number of years and am impressed with their ability to deliver results while facing difficult situations. They use their extensive experience to find efficient, creative approaches to address marketing issues.

Ed Boyer - Proctor & Gamble Customer Business Development (retired)

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